Sir Dunoyer Julien Lingerie Corsetry Textile Design Office

Siret : 828 632 497 00016
TVA : FR30 828 632 497
relational follow-up in French, English

Industrial Project Feasibility Council

Accompaniment and Development of the Industrial Project

Market and Competition Study

Creation of the brand and its image

Competitive intelligence, visit of the professional fairs in France and on the International

Creation of Visual Identity and Relational Monitoring in partnership with communication agencies

Study of the History of the Brand and these products

Realization of Cahiers of Trends and ranges of Colors

Collection Creation, Collection Plan and Sketchbooks

Sourcing Raw Materials and Technical Supplies

Assembly of Prototypes

Industrialization of Prototypes (Internally, equipped with an Industrial Machinery Park of more than 140m2 located in the ZI. "Annecy Le Vieux Les Glaisins FRANCE")

Realization of the Development and the Gradation all Sizes and Depths according to a specifications previously established

Production of Nomenclature and Technical Sheets

Relation with Façonniers in France, Europe and International

Industrialization and Industrial Monitoring, Manufacturing Control (on site)

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